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Luke Swanson

an author in the making


Luke Swanson

from the ground up

Luke was raised on a steady diet of stories. You can find him with a book constantly in his hand. He is the author of full-length fiction as well as a handful of published short stories. He lives with his wife in Oklahoma City.



The Ten cover.jpg

"The Ten" (2016)

Thou shall not steal.
Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.
Thou shall not kill...unless it’s torture.

Abel believes he is chosen by God to rid the world of the unrighteous. One by one, he hunts down those who break the Ten Commandments and plots heinous deaths.

Odious deaths.

Monstrous deaths...

Abel’s goal is to smite one sinner per commandment, and with that, start a revolution. Others will follow. Others, who are equally as loyal and subservient to God’s wrathful side as he. Up until now there has been no one smart or brave enough to stop him…that is, until Jason Flynn.

Jason has been to more crime scenes than he can count, but the recent string of homicides has been extraordinarily gruesome. As the bodies continue to surface, Jason knows he is out of time.

He has only two choices…

Track down the elusive serial killer and save the next target from a grisly demise, or wait for Abel—the self-proclaimed assassin of God—to trigger the most horrifying religious war of his time.

The Other Hamlet Brother front cover.jpg

"The Other Hamlet Brother" (2021)

Meet Tim Hamlet, the identical twin brother of the famously melancholy Danish prince. Tim has abandoned royal life and is trying (and failing) to make it as a playwright in London. But then, tragedy rears its ugly head—King Hamlet dies, Claudius takes the throne, and young Hamlet dons an "antic disposition."

Tim charts a course for home despite his better judgment, setting sights on Denmark for the first time in years. On his journey, he crosses paths with Nick Bottom, Romeo Montague, Prospero, and other familiar faces, all the while on a collision course with fate. This tragically funny and funnily tragic adventure will keep you on your toes every step of the way, never knowing what exactly will happen next.

Epicenter front cover.jpg

"Epicenter" (2022)

Detective Jason Flynn of the L.A.P.D. is still reeling from the world-changing events he endured at the hands of the serial killer called Abel. He is scarred by run-ins with horrific killers, and his psyche can't take much more.

However, a monotonous morning in the L.A. heat will quickly devolve into the worst day of his life.

Tobin, a 13-year-old boy, unwittingly frees a hostage who was about to be executed by a brutal cartel. Jason is in the wrong place at the very wrong time, and he finds himself filling the role of protector as he evades cartel gunmen and ensures Tobin and the hostage get to safety.

And on top of all that... the "Big One" hits. The worst earthquake in L.A. history ravages the city. Amid the chaos and ruin, Jason and his reluctant allies need to find a way to survive.


Also adapted as an award-winning screenplay:

Epicenter - FINALIST - Screenplay Festival - 2023.png
Epicenter - BEST SCREENPLAY - L.A. Neo Noir Novel Film  Script Online Festival - 2023.png
Spectators front cover.jpg

"Spectators of War" (2022)

Imagine a world where battles between professional armies are fought in front of live audiences. Instead of pro sports and reality TV, the world is obsessed with watching war. 

Everyone has a part to play in this new industry. There's Ranger Monroe, the dashing captain of the Army of Liberty. And Salvatore Caracas, a military recruiter who's wickedly good at his job. Oh, and don't forget Jody, a domestic terrorist who live-streams his attacks. And many, many more, all cogs in the war machine.

Yes, when violence is a commodity and spectatorship is prioritized, anything goes.

Curtains front cover.jpg

"Curtains on A Christmas Carol" (2023)

It's December in Tennant Park, Colorado, and that can only mean one thing: The annual production of "A Christmas Carol" is just around the corner.

The cast is abuzz, full of community-theatre veterans and fresh-faced newcomers. All in this small mountain town is merry and bright...

Until Teena, one of the actors, makes a chilling discovery on opening night. Someone is going to murder Scrooge—or, rather, the actor playing Scrooge—right on stage, in front of the entire audience. Everyone in the cast is a suspect. Can Teena crack the case, save Scrooge, and figure out whogonnadoit...all while remembering her lines?


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